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Root Canal

A root canal infection can cause a great deal of pain and lead to other uncomfortable oral health issues.

Root canal therapy from Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Connecticut can relieve your pain and restore the health of your smile.

Learn how cutting-edge techniques and technology make root canals comfortable and effective for Hamden, East Haven, and Branford patients.

A Closer Look at a Root Canal Infection

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Even one small cavity can lead to a buildup of bacteria that seeps into the pulp chamber of a tooth, causing a root canal infection. If left untreated, a root canal infection can cause great pain and spread to the rest of your body. 

Symptoms of a Root Canal Infection

Pain in your teeth or gums

Swelling in your gums or face

Large cavities

Lingering sensitivity to heat and cold

Swollen lymph nodes

Bad breath

Persistent bad taste in your mouth

You may think that you no longer need dental treatment if your pain or sensitivity has gone away on its own. However, this may be a sign that the roots in your tooth have died. Your tooth pulp can still be infected, and the infection can still spread.

Even if your symptoms have resolved, you should still contact our Hamden, East Haven, or Branford practice for an examination. By identifying and treating your root canal infection, our dentists can save you from needing more comprehensive dental care down the road. 

We Offer Virtually Painless Treatment To End Your Discomfort and Restore Your Health

You may assume that treatment for a root canal infection is as painful as the infection itself. However, the vast majority of patients report that root canal therapy is nearly painless and quickly works to relieve the discomfort caused by their infections. In addition to ending your dental pain, other benefits of root canal treatment include:

Preserving Your Natural Tooth

By removing the infected pulp during a root canal, our dentists can preserve your tooth and eliminate the need for extraction. The natural tooth structure can be restored with a crown if needed. 

Preventing Further Infection

If left untreated, the bacteria from a root canal infection can spread to other teeth or your gums. This dental procedure will prevent the infection from further compromising your oral health. 

Contact Us Now If You're In Pain

Pain in your tooth or gums may be a sign of a root canal infection. Without quick attention from a dentist or endodontist, the infection can worsen, and tooth extraction may be the only remedy. The team at Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Connecticut can identify the source of your pain and provide treatment to end it. 

While endodontists specialize in treating issues of the tooth pulp, our dentists stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and technology used to perform root canals. We can alleviate your pain quickly and effectively without having to refer out to a specialist. 

To request a root canal therapy appointment at our Hamden, CT, office, contact us online or call:

(203) 287-0666

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Dr Gross and all his staff are awesome and extremely patient focused me and my family always have a great experience.  I have lived in various countries all over the world and Dr Gross is the best dentist I have ever had.  I met with Dr Becker on my last visit and she was very friendly and engaging and is a great addition to the practice. Craig Watterson - 5-Star Review

What to Expect During Your Root Canal Treatment At our Hamden, East Haven, or Branford dental offices

Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Connecticut offers sedation to keep you comfortable and relaxed during root canal treatment. Thanks to our in-office milling system, we can crown your tooth immediately after your root canal.
Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Connecticut offers sedation to keep you comfortable and relaxed during root canal treatment. Thanks to our in-office milling system, we can crown your tooth immediately after your root canal.


After examining your teeth and taking scans, your dentist will recommend the most effective plan for your dental health concerns. If you have an infection in your root canal, we will determine if root canal therapy or tooth extraction is the right course of treatment for you. If you do require extraction, we can replace your tooth with an implant and a natural-looking restoration.

Administering Anesthetic

Local anesthetic will be administered at the treatment site to keep the procedure as comfortable as possible. If you have dental anxiety or sensitivity, sedation can help you stay relaxed throughout your treatment.

Removing the Infected Pulp

Your dentist will create a small opening in the crown of your tooth. The diseased pulp, nerves, and blood vessels will be removed through this opening.

Draining the Abscess

If you have an abscess near the root of your tooth, your dentist will drain it to relieve any pain and swelling.

Sterilizing the Root Canals

After the infected material is removed from the tooth, your dentist will sterilize the inner chamber.

Finishing Touches

Your dentist will fill the sterilized chamber with a natural rubber-like material. This will restore your ability to bite and chew and support the natural tooth structure. Some patients will require a dental crown for extra tooth support. Because we have our own in-office milling system, your custom crown can be finished during the same appointment as your root canal.

We Can Help Keep Your Treatment Affordable

Restorative dentistry procedures, like root canal treatment, are typically covered at least in part by insurance. We'll work with your provider to make sure you get the most from your coverage. We also accept flexible financing through CareCredit® to help you get the treatment you need while accommodating your budget. 

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Dr. Gross is an excellent dentist. He puts your mind at ease from the very beginning of your office visit. He is very talented and I am amazed how he can complete a crown procedure in about an hour. The staff at his office is very competent and friendly. I feel very comfortable having him as my dentist. Robert Jordan - 5-Star Review

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